Ask the Staff!

Every month, we're asking a question to all of the Camp Harmony Lifers, so you can get to know them better.

This month's question:

"What do you do when nobody is looking?"


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What do you do in the 'off-season', when you are not at camp?


What do I do when no one is looking?  I'm sorry, but I can't answer that.  My bosses at the CIA would be very upset if I gave up any top secret info.  I can tell you what I DON'T do when no one is looking...I most certainly do not eat garlic and cheese croutons right out of the bag.  I also do not read my childrens' picture books-especially not Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Never once have I eaten an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream without using a spoon. Oh! and I absolutely don't cry when I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  And of course, I don't pick my nose.

-- Glad Shadyside


When nobody is looking I like to try and sing some of my favorite songs to try and become the world's greatest karaoke singer.   I figured since I already have mastered the ability to play the bugle (ok, ok, some people might disagree......ok, most people might disagree.....OK!  EVERYONE EXCEPT MY MOM DISAGREES!   THERE!  I SAID IT?  Are you happy now???), why not try my other "hidden" talent -- vocal music?

Although it's been difficult to find some of the songs I'd like to sing (like the "Weatherman Song" or "I Ugga Bugga" on standard karaoke machines, I managed to locate a few versions in a small shop in Chinatown.  Instead of money, the storeowner wanted a piece of my salami (yeah, I still have it in the refrigerator after all of these years) and I obliged.  Since I am still a little rusty, I prefer to sing alone with my iKaraoke player or during the few seconds people turn their heads. Itís amazing how much of the Weather Song you can sing in 2.43531 seconds!  So make sure you check me out during the next Hannah Montana concert in New Jersey.   Iím going to email Miss Cyrus right now to see if she wants an opening act by one of the greatest karaoke singers in the world!  And if she doesnít, then Iím available!  How does my alterego Toddsey New Jersey sound?

Uh oh.....I just found mom disagrees with my bugle talents, too.  Maybe it's time to take up a more peaceful instrument.  Anyone have an extra drum set lying around?

--Todd Ranger


When I am alone and no one is around I like to pluck hairs from my ear and nose with a tweezer.  I like to sing silly songs in the shower.  I
sometimes paint my toe nails purple but most of all, my most favorite thing to do alone, is pick lint from my belly button.

-- Eric Program


Shhhh...don't tell anyone...but when nobody is looking I put on all my skill pins from the past 17 years (even my "What's a Gragnoid" pin) and dance around my house to "I UGGA BUGGA."  It's embarrassing to admit, but if my husband and kids aren't home, I even stand on my couch and pretend I am The Goat...baaaaaaaaa!  Oh now I'm blushing!

-- Loren DUH


I like to pretend that Iím Hannah Montana.  I stand in front of a big mirror and use my hairbrush as my microphone singing and dancing to ďNobodyís PerfectĒ.  

-- Ellen DUH


When nobody is looking, I pretend I'm Jerry.  After Jack Archery/Ropes/Assistant Director leaves for work and Brody is taking a nap, I put on a crazy hat, sit at my desk and drink coffee.  Then I stand if in front of a whole bunch of stuffed animals and say "CAMP 'TENTION!"  I giggle at Todd's bugling skills, make one of the stuffed animals do strenuous exercises and then we all do 3 nice big ugga buggas.  I tell all the animals to "Have a great day and we'll see you at lunch!"  Then I take off my crazy hat and go about my regular business.  Sometimes I forget to clean up and Jack gets suspicious.  I usually just blame the mess on Brody.

--Nicole Ass't Director