Camp Harmony - The Game

Do you miss the daily fun and excitement of Camp Harmony? Camp Harmony - The Game takes you through a typical day at Camp as you travel across the grounds. Take a dip in the pool, climb the ropes course, and make sure you do your Ugga Buggas! Any number of people can play!

What You Need to Play

Print the Game Board.

Print the Dice Template, then follow the origami instructions to make the dice.

Something small for game pieces (for example, a penny, a dime, a Cheerio, a Fruit Loop, etc.)


  1. All players line up for Flag Raising by placing their game pieces on the Start space.

  2. The youngest player goes first, and then take turns in a clockwise direction.

  3. Roll the dice. The dice has 1, 2, and 3 Harmony Guys. Move your game piece the number of spaces equal to the number of Harmony Guys that you roll.

  4. When you land on a space, follow its directions.

  5. The first player to reach their van (in the Finish space) is the winner! Keep playing until everyone wins!