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Skill Pin Sudoku

It's the most popular puzzle game in the world...and now there is a version of it exclusively for the campers of Camp Harmony! Select a puzzle from the list below:

Easy Puzzle 1

Easy Puzzle 2

Easy Puzzle 3

Medium Puzzle 1

Medium Puzzle 2

Medium Puzzle 3

Camp Harmony Word Find Optical Illusion

Can you find the names of six Camp Harmony activities hidden in this puzzle?

What is the secret message hidden in this optical illusion?

Can you find six things you do at Lunch in this puzzle?

Can you find six words or phrases about the Summer of 2008 in this puzzle?**New!**

Camp Harmony Crossword

Can you solve the clues and complete the puzzle?

Specialty Scramble

Unscramble the word clues, then reveal the secret message!


Guide the camp van through the maze to help it arrive at Camp!

Find your way through the Harmony Guys maze!

Treasure Hunt

Help Captain Schnook and Woodpecker find the buried treasure!

Box Puzzle

A set of miniature, challenging crossword puzzles! Can you fill-in all the boxes?