Arts & Crafts

Welcome to Arts & Crafts! Here you will find lots of fun pages that you can print-out and enjoy. All you need is a pencil or crayon; and, of course, your imagination!

Magic Message Wand

Make a Magic Message Wand and watch as a famous Camp Harmony phrase appears in the air!

A new Magic Message Wand is read for you! Another popular phrase will magically appear! **New**


Coloring Pages

Design your own Camp Harmony Shirt!



Can you figure-out the mystery design?

Do you recognize this slippery attraction?



Make your own pirate hat, just like Captain Schnook and Captain Jerrrrrrr wear!

Learn to fold Captain Jerrrrrrr's pirate ship! Then, learn a magic trick that reveals the fate of Captain Jerrrrr's ship!

Just in time for school! Make your own Camp Harmony Origami Bookmarks!

Craig DUH was elected Genius; but he lost it somewhere in Camp Harmony!  Cut-out and fold the Camp Harmony StoryTeller, then travel through Camp Harmony to help Craig find the Genius. If the camper finds it first, Craig will have to go Splash!

Make your own dice for the Camp Harmony Board Game!